Qualifications and training:

• First aid in the dog
• Introduction to the practice of the animal healer
• Anatomy, physiology and first aid measures
• Alternative treatment procedures
• Treatment methods, remedies and their practical application in animal welfare practice
• Diploma for Animal Healing Practitioner
• postgraduate animal homeopathy
• Advanced training on blood therapy in veterinary medicine

• puppy training for dogs
• Tournament dog training course
• Rhetoric and human leadership
• essence of the dog
• practice in the tournament dog sport (Vizelandesmeister 2008, national champion 2009)
• Theoretical and practical knowledge in the training of dogs
• Practice in the training of dogs
• Obedience practice (dog sport)

• Dr. Dorit Urd Feddersen-Petersen
"Game, creativity + innovation - a delightful trip into the game of dogs and humans“

• Prof. Dr. Martin S. Fischer
"Dogs on the move - connections between skeleton, muscles and locomotion“

• Dr. Juliane Kaminski
"Latest scientific findings on dog-human communication"

• Ute Heberer
"Observation - Assessment - Intervene in Disputing Dogs"